Thursday, May 14, 2020

Sneak Peek

Hey all true believers,
I only have a quick update this week, I managed to get the Roll20 Beacon character sheet finished and put the pull request in.  I was told that they had reviewed it and liked it, however I had some minor process changes to make to my submission. That's all sorted out now and they will be pushing it out to production soon hopefully so that's really great.  I'll post again when it is live.  

I also have been working on getting the version .7 rules all done, but I have been making some pretty big layout changes and trying to work on cleaning things up and so I still have a way to go with that.  I did however want all the new goodies to be out there for anyone who wanted to use the new sheets online and so I have posted the work in progress revision up as a PDF and you can check it out on the Get Beacon page.  It contains most of the changes I have talked about doing, and some others I will talk about soon.  It should be fairly usable for your games even thought its not pretty yet.  There are some red text that's under review and also some big blank sections needing content or cleanup.  All in all its coming together.

I also updated the paper character sheet since really the only change there was updating the Fabrication skill.  You can use this new sheet with both the old or the new version no problems.

So things are moving along, I'm pretty excited to get into play testing.

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