Monday, October 3, 2011

What's going into the next draft?

This is what's going into the 5th draft:
  • removing the section on Traps - these came right out of the Microlite book and are cool but I don't think people need these outlined and I would like to reclaim the page and a half
  • adding minor changes to Initiative and weapon replacement - maybe that whole section can be rewritten to make it easier to understand.
  • Fabrication - I'm still waffling on adding in a new skill actually, but leaning on yes for now.
  • Tweaks to Divine spells, including changes to healing and new spirit orientated spells.
  • Tweaks to enchanter spells, and spell balance in general.
  • Divine Rituals
  • Changes to Hunter and Rogue?
  • Changes to the Rules for dying and stat damage.
  • Removing the spell extending stuff, reexamining counter spell?  Not sure anyone is using these, we still haven't used them in the play test.
  • I thought about adding in 7th level spells, but until I play a higher level game I'm not sure if it's appropriate and which spells would be best - by that time in a campaign the GM might be better off making up their own higher level spell lists anyway.
  • anything else?  
Usually while doing one of these I come up with some ideas or streamlining.  I expect this time will be no different.  I really wanted to have something out by November but I'll have to see.

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