Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Lesser Seeming

Some Enchanter spells are kind of weak or missing some punch and so I'm going to swap out a couple in order to provide a better experience.  Since there is already Mirror Image at level 1 and Blur at level 2 I really don't think they need another defensive misdirection spell at level 3.  However I really think they need a good spell for disguising things since Disguise Self is pretty limited and Seeming is a level 5 spell.
Range:  Touch.
Duration: 1 turn /level.
Description:  Attacks against the subject miss 50% of the time.
for this:
Lesser Seeming:
Range:  Touch.
Duration: 1 hour.
Description: Visual and audible illusion changes appearance of 1 creature to another creature of at least 50% similar size and shape.  Does not provide any tactile, mobile or ability effects to recipient.
So it provides one hour of video and audio but you can't breath water if you are posing as a mermaid or reach high things if you are seeming to be a giant.  I'm also bumping up Seeming to include the audible components of Lesser Seeming - it is a level 5 spell for goodness sake.


  1. When did Mirror Image appear at level 1?

  2. Oh right, they're both level 2. Even more reason you don't need displacement then.