Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Just hanging out a bit

Well over at LotFP, Mr. Raggi has announced he's switching to a silver standard along with some other cool changes in his new Lamentations of the Flame Princess Grindhouse edition.  So that settles the question for me.  If  he can do it with game in print, then I can do it in the next draft of Beacon. His reasons are basically the same too - gold should be more valuable.
Actually I have to say that I've been getting a lot of enjoyment out of the LotFP site this last month as he (Mr. Raggi) was running contests for spells and magic items and I entered one of each.  For the magic item contest I entered an item called the Three Wolf Moon Surcoat which was based on the striking and legendary image image to the right.  As cool that is however, I am even more proud of the spell I entered in the first level magic spell contest called Carfrith's Serous Illumination. I thought that I was being extremely clever AND providing a very useful spell, a non combat spell that allows a magic user to provide some real value to a party by making body fluids glow.  I mean come on you could track monsters, find traps and secret doors easier, detect fingerprints - this one has it all really.  Naturally someone else had the exact same idea and submitted a spell called Blood Luminescence.  Oh well, I still think my name is better anyway.

So then to top it all off I entered my submission into the 2011 One Page Dungeon contest and I won't say much about it now except to say:  its probably not something you would run in Beacon.  I suppose this brings me to another minor dilemma.  I started this blog with the intention of providing a developer diary for a game and I'm still committed to that vision, however I am finding that there is more I want to write about than just Beacon: book and game reviews and bits and bobs for other RPGs for example.  I'm wondering if I should partition this blog or start an alternate one to deal with that stuff.  I'm sure that I'm taking it all too seriously, but ah well I guess it's good to have a luxury of things to think about and no deadlines.

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