Tuesday, October 19, 2010

a couple illusionist spells

Working over the spell lists and I've made a few alterations to what I had in the first draft PDF.  I gave sleep to the illusionist which may be a bit jarring for first time mages but it works better thematically that the illusionists deal with mental forces like sleep and the mages deal with um... forces.  Both mages and illusionists have invisibility for now although I'm still waffling that over so they both keep it unless I find a great mage spell to slide in instead.  Copping a decent illusionist out of the SRD spell lists isn't too hard actually but I have had to modify or squeak in a few spells to chunk it up a bit.

At 4th level I inserted this little number which was a rework of Shadow Conjuration (which looked to be to much of a PITA really):
Animate Shadow:
Range:  25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels.
Duration: Concentration + 1 min./level.
Description:  Turns an existing shadow of any type into a shadow of a creature or creatures with total HD equal to the casters level.  Shadow creatures are mostly insubstantial and do 1d6 damage and have an AC of 15.

I like the imagery there a lot.

At 5th level I had a spell called Insanity and that seemed kind of generic so I made it into:
Visions of Insanity:
Range: Sight.
Duration: 1day/level.
Description: Caster creates images in the target’s mind that are so horrible that they become insane.  Save is DC 5+ 1/caster level.
That one makes me think of the guy dropping his sword and screaming "TAKE IT AWAY!" while the illusionist holds the terrible vision in front of his eyes.  He was never really right after that.  I suppose this would beg for a insanity table of some sort to figure out the effect but I bet there are plenty out there already.

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