I made this page for comments and feedback on the Beacon Rules.
If you have tried Beacon and found it excellent please let me know.  If you have found it otherwise also please let me know.  If Beacon has cured your hair loss or made the lame to walk I sure would love to hear about it.


  1. Great light-weight system! I found Microlite20 several months back and although I thought it was kinda cool it still wasn't quite what I wanted. Beacon not only addresses most concerns I have with Microlite, but also makes a whole bunch of inspired changes that I would have never even considered. Plus, it's nice to read the blog posts to understand the reasoning behind the rules... Beacon is solid, well though out and simply awesome!

  2. I find your rules to be a very good blend of simplicity and detail. Plus they are clearly written!
    Only thing I miss is some classes special skills, like clerics turning undead, or druids shapeshifting.
    Maybe these could be added in a separate options supplement?

    1. Thanks. Both these special powers are spells for those classes in the Beacon rules.

  3. I have posted several times on your blog, and that is saying something! You have taken a distilled product, Microlite20, and tailored it to not only what you want out of a RPG game, but made it into something inspirational in the process.


  4. "Well I've tried Beacon and I like it. It plays like how I remember OD&D used to play, without ruining the memory by actually having to play OD&D, if you know what I mean. I've never been into rules heavy rpgs, but I do like a certain amount of structure and tactical choice and Beacon has that. It's easy to learn which means its easy to get into. It's simple enough to play one shots with the kids, and hearty enough for a larger campaigns with the "grown-up" group. I think you should put it up on DriveThruRPG and see where you get!"
    - Mike

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