Beacon is a fantasy RPG designed to be fairly rules light and quick to play but still have enough meat to be satisfying and to be highly compatible with the vast amount of d20 based fantasy supplements available.
Beacon is based on and mostly compatible with the Microlite d20 system.

If you want to know why it's called Beacon and not Sewage Delivery Project or Box of Fish then read this post.

If you want to try it out by all means grab yourself a copy!

As for me, well I'm Canadian and I have been playing RPGs off and on since the late 70s or so, starting with homemade games based on whispers and rumors of such games like Top Secret* and Dungeons and Dragons and eventually graduating to the real deal with Star Frontiers and AD&D.  I've always been interested in tweaking the RPGs I play and I have a weakness for good boardgames with interesting mechanics as well.  If you are interested in my non-Beacon thoughts you can check out my other blog: Word Association Game.

*Seriously the first games we played as kids were totally ad-hoc top secret themed 'choose your own adventures' with a single six sided die which we used to determine every outcome based on a 50-50 deal - shoot a guy - roll a 4 to hit him, disarm the bomb, roll a 4 to disarm it.  I remember it as pretty fun actually.