Friday, March 29, 2013

OPD 2013

Noticed that the One Page Dungeon Contest 2013 is now on.  If you haven't heard about that then you should hear about it.  I didn't enter last year and I make no promises to enter this year because to be honest work and stuff is seriously cutting into my reading and farting around time. However you should entirely check it out even if I don't manage to get my shit together because the OPD is a great thing and it generates a million useful ideas in a good format.  You can run a campaign off of these things since they are boiled down and modular enough to stick into your ongoing adventures.  They are like putting dimes in a birthday cake which is awesome and they are unlike that too because you shouldn't do that anymore.  What were our parents thinking anyway...

I have some ideas for this, but please don't encourage me.

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