Monday, March 18, 2013

Online character sheet

I have been playing with making a Beacon character sheet for online games in Google Drive.  I like how it's shaping up so far and I've got the inkling that I could save off a bunch of these and share them with players to keep track of their characters pretty well.  You can view the prototype here.  If I can figure out how or why making a template is a good thing I might do that, but as far as I can see you should be able to just copy one for each player, share it for edits, and have them fill it in.   An unexpected upside is how well it works on android phones and tablets.  There is probably a way to do cool stuff like make forms for players to roll up their characters for a game and lock parts of the sheet or feed some of the values on these sheets into a GM dashboard so you can track all the ACs or something, but I haven't really played around with Drive that much.  It's probably a diminishing return as well, too much maintenance for too little gain.

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