Thursday, January 24, 2013

Charging the old batteries

Work has been kicking my butt for the last while and I've been taking a load off and ignoring Beacon while indulging in some other sordid pass-times like Farcry 3, FTL and Legends of Grimrock when I did have some time off.  Ya the old Christmas Steam sales hit me pretty good and I couldn't help but buy too many video games and bouncing between them.  I've also got in two sessions of Diaspora with the regular game group, the initial cluster/character creation and our first real session.  It is going pretty well and I'm enjoying the Sci-fi setting and so far the FATE rules seem pretty interesting.  Good times.

I've been thinking about a couple things to knock away at in Beacon however.  The first thing, I really need to comb through the monster lists and fix all the minor errors.  In the last session I noticed that hobgoblin hitpoint range (I put in the middle and max values so it's very quick to stat up a monster on the fly) didn't match up with their hit dice.  That got me thinking that I really didn't have a standard way of indicating how many attacks a monster had so now I want to clean up all the stat blocks a bit and see if there's a good way to cram more info into them without introducing bloat.  I also was thinking about all the times that character armor was damaged in the game and how often they had it repaired.  That was an unexpected bonus from the critical hit table and I really want to introduce something to highlight weapon and armor repair in the rules - even a simple cost chart would be useful I think.  More on that later.  I'm sure that I'll find a couple other things to tweak and prod at too.  Beacon is getting there though, I no longer fret about it and I know I can pull it out and get the job done.

So I have some work to plonk away at and a couple posts planned in the next month or so, and as always drop me a note if you have any feedback or want to regale me with your Beacon story or express your undying love for the game.


  1. No exactly what you mean. My current brain-tired-unwind game is Minecraft with the Feed the Beast modpack but I'm looking forward to having more brain cycles to make some more game stuff.

    1. Yes Minecraft is great too. I like how it has taught my children that they can steal, break and argue about their virtual possessions equally as well as with their physical ones.