Friday, May 25, 2012

Beacon 5.1

I updated the PDF so get your new copy.  The changes are mostly dealing with better electronic navigation via a proper PDF outline and changes to how HP work and the amount you get to start.  Also some layout changes to fit revised text.  Let me know if you find any weird complicated paragraphs or any other comments you might have.
Small changes to the rules (which is why it's 5.1 draft) but maybe some big impacts - especially to starting character power levels.  You farmboys won't be wading into a gang of goblins with impunity any more.

Aside from playtesting I think this baby is almost done.  I look forward to doing the playtests fixing whats broke and then making a real Beacon release 1 (no more draft versions!) and moving on to work on other game stuff.  Maybe that setting material...

Note: I noticed that ACKS also recently added an outline to their PDF - probably not because I called them on it back in this post but maybe.  Really people, if you do a PDF - do an outline - it's easy to do and sooooo much nicer for people using tablets and phones.

Additional Note:  If you do print it out and have a decent duplex printer, try printing it booklet mode on legal paper - that's my favourite format and fits nice in the hands.


  1. Just downloaded. Looks awesome on the ole' iPad. And just noticed the playtest credits! Thanks!

    1. Yes and I'm really eager to try running a new playtest to check out the HP and combat changes since last time. I am also eager however to run something else that I've been checking out. Too many games, never enough time to play them.