Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hardcover Flame Princess

Its funny but I was going on about how much I liked Lamentations of the Flame Princess and wished I had a hardcover.  I mean I've got the free PDF and I've seen some of the art on the web but I felt that this game would not really cut it as softcovers in a box for me personally.  I hear it is a very nice box set - but then again I have the Moldvay D&D box set and I feel the same way about that.  Heck the first RPG I had was had the StarFrontiers box and it was great - but it was still soft cover.  I think box sets are great (especially for starting out) and I'm glad I have mine - but they don't inspire me.  Maybe it's mental fallout from when I got my first AD&D Players Handbook but a hardcover means the game is for reals.  I felt that if I played some LotFP it should be a for reals kind of game.  I also think it would be awesome looking.

Well then how could I not put my money where my mouth went when I heard that there was a Indiegogo project to publish some hardcovers.  I could not pass this up so I quickly pledged for a copy.  Now I can't wait to have that Lamentations of the Flame Princess hardcover - with all the art and no doubt beautiful - sitting on my shelf.   Or better yet, being used to fight off zombiefied players when the shit really hits the fan.

I'll also get a PDF version with art because they are so damn useful, and why the hell not.

I can't see this not getting funded but if it doesn't I'll hold you all responsible.  So if you want an awesome hardcover Lamentations of the Flame Princess Book then go here and get you one.

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