Friday, November 25, 2011

Beacon update status

So you are asking yourself what's done for the next draft of Beacon?  Me too!  I thought I better make a list for myself and then I figured you might want to see it as well.

Here's a reprint of the list of stuff for the next draft with the status:

  • removing the section on Traps - these came right out of the Microlite book and are cool but I don't think people need these outlined and I would like to reclaim the page and a half - DONE.
  • adding minor changes to Initiative and weapon replacement - maybe that whole section can be rewritten to make it easier to understand. - DONE, details here.
  • Fabrication - I'm still waffling on adding in a new skill actually, but leaning on yes for now.  almost DONE.
  • Tweaks to Divine spells, including changes to healing and new spirit orientated spells.    - 90% DONE.
  • Tweaks to enchanter spells, and spell balance in general. - the handful of spells I did mention are all done but I still need to do a sweep of the arcane spells for problem spots.
  • Divine Rituals  - DONE.
  • Changes to Hunter and Rogue?  - I'd say 90% but I'm still debating the name for the savant class.
  • Changes to the Rules for dying and stat damage. - I think I have it but I still have to write it up.
  • Removing the spell extending stuff, reexamining counter spell?  Not sure anyone is using these, we still haven't used them in the play test.  DONE, leaving these alone for now to see how they work with the  combat round changes.
  • I thought about adding in 7th level spells, but until I play a higher level game I'm not sure if it's appropriate and which spells would be best - by that time in a campaign the GM might be better off making up their own higher level spell lists anyway.  - DROPPED.
  • anything else?  - That's a good question, is there anything missing here?

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  1. Looking forward to this... by Christmas? Have some family coming in and would love to try and introduce them to Microlite20/Beacon.

    Go figure the things that draw my non-magically included attention are still in the works; Hunter & Rogue, Dying and Stat Damage, and Anything Else.

    Looking forward to the next iteration!

    The Bane