Saturday, September 3, 2011

Rounding out the group

Back in May I posted some back stories for the characters rolled up for this play test.  I wrote the back stories in order to give flavour to the setting without doing the long exposition you might feel the need for to introduce players to your game setting.  I feel you really do need to give them something to work with - even if it's going to be a simple beat-em-up-get-the-treasure campaign.
Here are the backstories from the two new characters
Anistania (halfling rogue)
When the New Men came from across the sea, Travellers came with them.  Small but quick, they worked in the rigging and down in the holds and they were also quite welcome to be cooks for they have skill with a pot and a knife.  Barely a sackful they were then, but since the landing they have done well, and now more than one Traveller camp makes their lazy way between towns in the Soundlands.  They have been called by lots of names by the bigger folks, such as the little people, halfling, tinker, or even gnome (perhaps to an old fellow but never to a lady!) but to themselves they are called the Travellers and they love the road.
Born near Marshmill you grew up with the family Caravan as it made the yearly rounds through Hayfork and Hyntmor, idling and working as tinkers and cooks and entertainers as it suited their mood and the weather.  It was a good life full of songs and schemes and good food, but you wanted to journey further.  Perhaps the caravan was growing too large or perhaps you and your two cousins were born under brighter stars, or perhaps your reputations were growing too large, but you all decided to journey to the west and see the mountains.  Unfortunately you were waylaid by goblins on the south road, and now you find yourself with no possessions, your cousins lost, and in the company of strangers.
Colin (human fighter)
As a young boy walking the streets of Oldchurch you learned very quickly to respect, obey and even fear the priests and clerks. Life in Oldchurch revolves around the ancient Cathedral whose bells ring out announcing when to wake, to eat, to pray, and most of all announcing this massive building is all that remains from before the Fall, so many long years ago.  Early on you were singled out for your size and strength and groomed to serve in the Blue Order, the prestigious cathedral guards.  However you were too jovial and too good natured and some small part of you could not submit to the single minded discipline required of this position.  You refused an order collect tithes from a poor merchant and fell out of favour with important people. You were dismissed. Unable to find work and to spare your family, you left town to seek your fortune in the south.
Aside from Drothgar the Dwarven Cleric, there was one other PC who didn't die, but dropped out of the game.
Aurorila(elven druid)
A thousand years is not a long time for the elves.  When the human and dwarven kingdoms fell your elders watched and did nothing as the servants of chaos ran rampant.  This was not the first time.  Many many thousands of years ago the elves left their great cities and took up a life of wandering and since that time they do not involve themselves in the affairs of others.  Only the very oldest might remember the reasons for this, but since then no records are kept and no interest is taken in the workings of the world.  For reasons of your own you have left the forest and now come to human lands where you are viewed with wonder by the men from across the sea and ignorance or hostility from the dwarves and men who found no aid from your people when chaos ravaged their cities.


  1. Tim's gonna need a backstory too...

  2. Tim Marby(human cleric)
    Brother to Tom. Likes the church. Mad for cheese and gravy on biscuits.