Friday, September 9, 2011

one year later

Ayup. I been posting on this here blog for one year today.  A year ago I decided that I should take the notes and charts I'd been tooling with and post it up for everyone to read.  I figured I liked it, so maybe someone else would like it too.  According to blogger stats I've had some 5800 page views this year but I suspect that's broken since there are weird spikes and the numbers don't really add up - also since it's views and not visits it's not very useful.  According to google analytics, since June 8th I've had 566 visits averaging 47% new folks and 1200 page views.  I  hope some of these folks have benefited from my little hobby.

It's game night tonight and I'm running the last beacon v4 play test session.  I have no idea what these players are going to pull so I've stocked my sleeves with all manner of booglins and boglings and am hoping to mess them up some.  Once I'm done I'm going to be asking them for some feedback on both the game and how I ran things and then I'll look over the rules and see what needs to be changed for the v5 draft.  What's next?   I'm going to be playing some Trail of Cthulhu which is based on the Gumshoe system and I'm very interested in that.  I am also possibly going to be playing in a fantasy campaign based in Harnworld and using the Reign rules based on the O.R.E (One Roll Engine) system.  It will be fun to play again and I imagine this will spark lots of ideas for new rules or how to run things, some of which might end up here on the blog.

I also want to remind anyone who's downloaded the Beacon rules and used them to run a game, or anyone who's played in a Beacon game to let me know how it was.  I'm interested to see what people thing of the mechanics, what worked for them and what didn't.  I probably won't change things just because some people don't like the mechanic (like using HP to cast magic) but I sure will change things that aren't working or that are unintentionally confusing.

So thanks and I'll see you all around for round 2.

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