Friday, July 22, 2011

Tech Interlude

Yes yes, I owe you another session report and I'll get it done before I forget what happened (I have a memory like a steel trap!)  However I have been preoccupied with some work things and with my new iPad.  A large part of the reason I picked up the iPad as opposed to an Android pad was because of the large app library and the elusive promise of support applications for role playing (and gaming in general).  I think in a year or so the Android pads will be pretty sweet, with some nice swap-able storage features and there should be some great apps available by that time too.  Living in Canada I can't get excited by the all this 'your data in the cloud' news simply because our ISPs are charging so much for data plans.  I haven't found anything very useful as 'apps for the GM' yet but I do have some high hopes for map making/using with the large number of sketch tools available.  I did find a little sound board that has lightning, rain, some roaring and a couple generic screams which could be fun to whip out during a game but it's pretty limited really.  Even if the apps are duds however, it is still a great help to be able to carry around all the modules and rules that I have on file (like Laser Ponies!) in such a small package.

And I do have to say that the Beacon PDF is awesome on the iPad.  I'm using Good Reader mostly but I did drop Beacon into the iBooks library as well where it appears as a nice little spiral bound tome on the virtual bookshelf. In both apps the Beacon PDF looks nice, is easy to read, the index is functional so you can simply tap and it takes you to that section, and best of all you can search it.  I did find it a bit futzy downloading from google docs (the download link is at the bottom of the viewer page - not intuitive) so I'm going to put up an alternate download only link to it as soon as I get some storage sorted out.

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