Friday, June 10, 2011


I realize that I'm not a big playa on the blog circuit.  I don't generally post about stuff unless it directly references Beacon development (mostly).  I am not in this so I can quit my day job.  I am a curious wide eyed doe however, and I do like to see how many folks are stopping by and love it when I get new followers.  Anyway for a little while now I've been curious as to how many people outside my game group have downloaded and tried Beacon.  Blogger gives you some statistics as to how many folks are reading your posts and stuff but it is more a guess than a measure I believe, I mean how else would you see 14 page views listed in the overview but only two listed in the page view breakdown section and six on that little world map?

Anyway la-de-da, I've set up Google analytics in Google docs so I can track how many times people are viewing the Beacon PDF because that's what I really want to know.  It's pretty neat and they have made it easy to do, however I have no idea if it works because I haven't seen any results pop up yet.  You do know about the PDF right?  It's just over there in the corner, waiting for you to give it a look.

Now I know it's only been a day but dammit I want my monkey men analytics!

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  1. I have downloaded it and I've looked through it. I'm running a LL game right now so I haven't tried it. It's a lot like Microlite and should I run that again, I will give Beacon another look. Thanks for sharing your work!