Sunday, May 29, 2011

Trying hard

I know I'm not supposed to be thinking of new rules while I'm trying out the existing rules but I did come across an interesting idea while reading an O.R.E* system book (Reign: Enchiridion by Greg Stolze) that was lent to me.  The idea in that system is that if you are taking your time doing something you get an extra die to your dice pool.  My idea is that if you take extra time to do something you should get additional d20 to roll.  If you take two rounds to line up a shot on someone you should get to roll  two d20 to hit - basically take the two attempts to hit you would be making and roll them into one attempt, thus increasing your chance to succeed.  Nice if you are a spell user and you really need to cast that fireball.  This would work within a turn as well as between turns for example if you're a Hunter and you have multiple attacks in a round you could merge them into one much better chance to hit.  Now the disadvantage is that you've increased your chance to hit at the cost of the amount of damage you get to do since you only get one hit, even if both rolls succeed you only roll damage once.  This limits the application, which I think is good and I certainly think this is better than adding a bonus to the die roll because that often leads to guaranteed successes.  Rolling  two d20 still means you can roll two 1's.  I also think you'd have to limit it to two d20 because otherwise I can see everyone stocking up their dice and then rolling fifteen d20 or something stupid like that.  You can only try so hard before you hurt yourself there buster.

*One Roll Engine

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