Monday, February 14, 2011

Psst buddy, do me a solid?

So the third draft version is published and out and things around here are a bit slow again.  It's the middle of February and I'm pretty busy at work and all, so not much time to dwell on why I chose Times Roman over a nice Comic Sans Serif.  Anyway I wanted to ask a favour.  If some of you folks have been playing Beacon, or read through the rules or just like the cover - how about you let me know.  I have a section called Testimonials! and I'd hate to have to take it down cause it's so pathetic linking to an empty page.  Now I don't want you to get all weepy and write about how it stopped a bullet when you got mugged or cured the little problem you got when you were rude to that old Gypsy woman, but if you do like Beacon, maybe you can toss off a couple lines for the folks who are wondering if they should try downloading it.


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