Monday, February 7, 2011

Beacon third draft

Alrighty, behold the third update to the Beacon draft document now made available to you via cybernet links on the right.  Lovely and shiny and if I might say, quite a pain in the butt to publish given some hitherto unknown issues with PDFcreator and image rescaling - and also some blogger widget (un)happy (not)fun time.

What does the third draft contain?   Well in addition to this, it has changes to weapon strength requirements and dual wielding, some clarifications on learning and casting spells, some stuff on ranged weapons and a chart with costs for hirelings.  All in all I'm getting pretty happy with how it's coming along and I expect that most of the big stuff is nailed down by now.  So grab a copy and play it and let me know what you think.

As before I have left a link to the old version 2 draft on the off-chance you need it for reference.  That's available for a limited time only.


  1. available for a limited time like a mcrib?

  2. Yes but without the intestinal parasites!

  3. but the intestinal parasites keep me skinny

  4. Nice work, Todd! I just downloaded the document and I will take a closer look tomorrow. Thanks for sharing!

    Also, add a followers gadget, so we can, you know, follow your posts... :-P

  5. Great, I hope you like it. I have added this 'followers' gadget you speak of, also a great magic called 'subscribe to' which purports to allow others to follow our words across the aether.

    Thanks for the tip.