Thursday, January 27, 2011

Something for the Rogue

Since I simplified weapon damage, I now think that allowing any character to use DEX as their weapon stat bonus is a bit too liberal and certainly introduces too much cruft into the combat system, especially in the sections qualifying damage bonuses and minimum strength requirements.  I think that I am going to limit this ability to the Rogue class and allow it only for light weapons.  This gives the Rogue something to contribute to combat beyond the sneak attack and allows them to leverage their DEX a bit more.  I thought about giving this to the Hunter as well but since they will already be leveraging DEX for their ranged attacks I didn't want to compound that trend any further by buffing up their non-ranged combat.  I also like how it will influence character choices because you certainly can play a rogue with low DEX and higher STR (a con man type for example) who likes to run around in heavier armour with a longsword.  So this is more for the nimble ones then.

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