Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Character Sheet Quest pt.1

Here's a layout draft of a new Beacon character sheet I whipped up in Inkscape.  I like working in this format much better than in a word processing document like the old sheet was made in.   The largest benefits are it scales much better, and there are no pesky tables to deal with.  I also like how it that lets me shuffle the bits around anyway I like and group/layer things.  It's really just blocked in but already I have a lot more extra space than the old sheet even considering almost every object is larger than the co-responding one on the original.  I will need to play with he layout a bit more and then maybe I'll learn how to customize the lines a bit and get fancy with shapes and borders and stuff.
The Prototype
My eldest daughter saw this on my desk and had the following well considered comments: 'it sucks' and 'I can keep my old sheet right?'

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