Friday, December 3, 2010

Character Sheet

I just got my ebay copy of the Moldvay D&D box with the Keep on the Borderlands in the mail this week.  While I was looking it over I remembered I had found some lovely character sheets to go with it by Dyson Logos from over here.  Isn't that a great character sheet?  And it's laid out in landscape too which I really like.  I think that the space is better used for some reason (the old wide-screen TV horizontal visual field processing argument perhaps).  It made me realize how stark and how little character the Beacon character sheet has.  I think that I better try to get something nicer and more than simply functional done up for Beacon as well.

So v3 should have higher level spells, new character sheets, simplified weapon damage (yes, I still like it), perhaps going through the monster lists or adding in a paragraph on hirelings or something.  Cool beans.