Monday, November 29, 2010

Water drops move mountains

No I'm not dead.  I didn't decide to ditch the Beacon site and start up a new blog somewhere else.  Conversely I haven't posted pictures of my cat or links to a funny YouTube video because there are other blogs that do it better already (I love reading them blogs).  It's just that this is a design site for Beacon.  I want to stick to the topic.  I know that not posting means I might be loosing out on new readers and people might forget to check back in, but I've decided to wait for people who like the game to remember to drop by.  I'd rather do that than dilute the content by posting up stuff every day or do attack posts about someone else's blog to raise my hit counts.

It's just that I'm happy with the version 2 PDF draft of  Beacon at the moment and I'd like to play it a bit, and give other folks a chance to play with it too.  I do have plans for codifying the higher level spells (levels 6-9) and for some more maps and setting supplements, and perhaps some other game changes (like dealing with variable weapon damage).  I'm plunking away at a bunch of little bits and hoping to get some play time in with Beacon as well as some other systems.   I'll still be posting but if a week or two goes by - well so be it.
That doesn't mean that I wouldn't like to hear what folks think about the game.  I added in a testimonial page for general comments and game input.  So thanks for dropping in, stay loose and stay tuned.

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