Thursday, November 18, 2010

Overland Travel Speed table

Just playing around with travel speeds which would fit with my desire for a 30mile hex map.  Mostly I'd say is it's up to the GM to decide based on the context how fast the party is going to move but I would probably be weighing these variables; in chart format:
Base travel speed is 20 miles per day
Good road (hard surface, smooth) +5
Mounted +10
Hurrying/forced travel +5
Training/organized +5
Fresh mounts* +5
Off-road rough (hills/desert/scrub) -5
Off-road light forest -5
Off-road dense forest -10
Off-road swamp -15
Mountains -10
Poor weather -5
Bad weather -10
Encumbered -5
Very encumbered -10
Dark -15
Wagon** -5
*adds +5 each time they are used up to 3 times per day
**a wagon also reduces encumbrance

So adventurers sloggin trough the hills on foot hauling their loot back to town would be moving like 10 miles per day (one hex every 3 days on the big map) until they hit a road.  Meanwhile the highly trained light horse unit coming up the road from Red Towers at behest of the mayor of Milham would be traveling at 45 miles per day (one and a half hex per day).

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