Friday, September 10, 2010

Why (not) Microlite?

That's a very good question.
I started playing with AD&D first edition a long time ago and when AD&D 2nd edition came out I tried to like it but quickly came to the conclusion that things just weren't holding together well (not to mention that horrible Monster Manual binder thingy).  There were too many tables to check and every game mechanic was on a different chart.  Not a game went by without something to argue about or something to look up.  I tried to play Role Master and it was great stuff but much too cumbersome for my style of play (loved those critical tables though!).  I eventually built my own system based on percentile dice and a power ranking system somewhat like the Marvel superheroes system "Universal Results Table".  That worked well for a couple years but the largest issue was that i had to convert every thing into this system; every game supplement, every published module, every damn Lizardman.  I played some other games and eventually stopped playing as life intruded and people lost touch.  No more role playing, it was all I could do to get a board game in every now and then.  I did look at 3rd edition when it came out and heard about the OGL and heard about the screwage and the bloat and just shrugged and played me some Puerto Rico.

Well now there's blogs and there's people posting things up that are interesting and fun.  Now I hate me some blogs (I was a WIKI and forum-man from way back and I don't want to hear about your cousin's soup recipe) but dammit I liked reading some of them ones about gaming.

About a year ago I ran across the Microlite site put up by

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