Monday, September 20, 2010

Classes in Beacon

There are seven classes in Beacon. They are broken up into three areas of commonality.

  • Fighter: expert in all weapons and physical skills.  This is your go to class for fighting obviously.
  • Hunter: expert in ranged weapons and survival skills. This is your noble ranger or humble woodsman or city rat catcher.
  • Rogue: expert in subterfuge skills with a sneak attack.  This is your thief but also possibly a swashbuckler or stealthy assassin. 
Arcane Magic: (penalties for armour use)
  • Druid: nature orientated spells, knowledge and survival skills.  The hedge magician or medicine man.
  • Illusionist: confoundment spells, subterfuge and communication skills.  The tricky misdirecting sorcerer.
  • Mage:  general repertoire of spells and knowledge skills.  The powerful scholar magician.
Divine Magic: (no penalties for armour)
  • Cleric, spiritual and restorative spells.  This can be the learned priest, the wandering witch, or the charging paladin.
Aside from magic ability I didn't want to give the classes special powers with associated tables or charts. I wanted things to remain pretty simple. I removed the Cleric's ability to turn undead and made it a spell instead.  The Rogue does get a sneak attack and the Fighter and Hunter get hit and damage bonuses but these are simple and hopefully somewhat of a balance against those spell lists.

At the moment all the classes can choose between STR or DEX for their melee weapon bonus stat, however I'm thinking on limiting that to either just the non-magic classes or just the Rogue.  In Microlite, Fighters and Rogues can use DEX bonus for light weapons - I imagine this would include rangers as well. The idea behind this is that there is more than one fighting style so allowing DEX as a more finesse based style - however you don't get your STR bonuses to damage.  Since Rogues don't get the +1 to hit and damage every three levels  it might be nice to throw them this.

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