Wednesday, September 29, 2010

and miscellaneous

I'm sure glad that Delta posted an article on his Stone Encumbrance system because I think I would use that if encumbrance became an issue.  I won't be adding in any rules for it into Beacon anyway aside from "use common sense".  I've already got way more rules than I thought I would have.  I'm going to try to have an update to the draft doc up in the next couple weeks or so which includes more detailed  magic spell lists.  They are more detailed in that they include information on ranges and duration.

I also picked up the Moldvay/Cook Basic D&D box off of the eBay.  I'm pretty happy about that because it comes with the Keep on the Borderlands module and I've wanted a copy of that one like forever.  I think Keep on the Borderlands is the seminal work of the Points Of Light style that I would most like to run as a campaign setting.  In the past I always seemed to have kings and empires at war and Terrible Events come creeping into my campaigns and I think that next time I want to avoid this.  Less San GrĂ©al and more Sanford and Son.  Module B2 will be a good study guide.

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